“Why a Bourbon Events Calendar?”

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In short: To enhance people’s Life experiences through Bourbon dinners and Bourbon events.

Most people know when they want to go out and do something - anything - just get out of the house and do something different. But most don’t feel like getting lost in the "online search" conundrum to solve the paradigm.

How frustrating is it to attempt satisfying a void you're unsure can be solved with the endless options shown on the WWW? Where do you start, when you really don't know exactly what you’re searching to find?

Entering the online-search conundrum only agitates you a little more, deadening the initial, explosion of energy to get out, see the sky, experience a new place or people-watch (not creepily) — just to settle for the average ice-cream-pint night-in.  Most people settle for the "go-to”, what they already know, and continue harboring that frustration and agonizing development of boredom until the next week/end.


The Cure to the Conundrum - Bourbon Events Calendar

Cue in an event calendar.

There are many, but wrap that around America’s spirit (since 1964) and focus on the growing interest and nationwide consumption of Bourbon and you have us, TheBourboner.com, a constantly updated stream of Bourbon-things to do—without the conundrum (or frustration).

Building on the heritage, deliciousness, pleasure and flavor Kentucky established over a century ago, we enjoy finding, sharing and (actively) participating in Bourbon events for, and with, our Subscriber Family as well as the rest of the country.

So if you're feeling a bit "closed-in" or merely bored out of your mind, visit a distillery or two this week, or munch & sip at a Bourbon dinner with other Bourbon event explorers.

Besides, whoever hated eating good food and having delicious Bourbon?



Why not a Bourbon Events Calendar? If you’re looking to satisfy your craving for flavorful delight to end your day, or to jump-start camaraderie between friends, or make new ones, why not have one place to go that speaks to your craving for delicious Bourbon and a little fun on the side? That’s why a Bourbon Event Calendar. Check out what’s coming up by clicking here.


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