Reaching New Levels: Bourbon Classes

Be in Bourbon - Bourbon Classes

Did you know you could attain different types of Bourbon certifications through Bourbon classes?

“Why would I want to learn more about Bourbon?”

Here are a few fun facts that may interest you:

  • The 1964 Congressional Resolution designated Bourbon as America’s native spirit (source: Kentucky Bourbon Trail)
  • Bourbon has been distilled since the 18th century (source: Wikipedia)
  • Nearly 60 percent of every bottle of spirits in Kentucky goes to taxes or fees, with 7 different taxes on Bourbon (source: Kentucky Distillers’ Association)

Interesting enough to pique your curiosity?  Consider enhancing your Bourbon knowledge with these options:

Bourbon Classes & Certification Providers

Stave & Thief — Louisville, KY.

Offering classes for Individuals and Establishments, students have the option of becoming a Certified Bourbon Steward or an Executive Bourbon Steward. Stave & Thief shares their program overview as

“…a premier training and education program established to promote and uphold bourbon’s unique and distinguished culture through hospitality channels by preparing establishments and individuals to deliver on the promise of the authentic bourbon experience.”

General Bourbon class information:
Bourbon class options:
Upcoming classes:


Whiskey Marketing School — Austin, TX.

Focuses on Whiskey in general but with Bourbon being a main focus point, we’ve included it here on

WMS offers a 5-level certification curriculum to bar-owning Proprietors, individual Bartenders and Bourbon Enthusiasts. You can find other informational resources through their daily Youtube videos and Whiskey Blog (but we would only look for Bourbon entries).

General Bourbon class information:
Bourbon class options:
Upcoming classes:


If you want to take your exploration of the various types of Bourbons, range of flavors and the Bourbon creation process to the next level, you have (plenty of) options.  The real question is:  how far do you want to take it?


Note: We’ll continue to develop this list of Bourbon classes and certification over time.  These are just the options we’ve found so far that have been mentioned as trusted initiatives from third parties outside of the provider’s organization.


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