Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why charge to post events?

A:  Honestly, because we like to cover costs that help ensure this site stays online for Bourbon enthusiasts everywhere! Do you know how hard it is to find a GOOD Bourbon event these days?  It’s almost ridiculous to find one.  And when you do, it’s a Bourbon event that has expired—so annoying!
Also, though we don’t promise to market/promote your event for you (this would be the job of your marketing & promotion team/team-member), we like to put a bit of a marketing “push” for the events on


Q: If I sell tickets or seats to my event, what percentage of Sales does keep?

A:  Zero. Zilch. Nada. Nothing.
We’re in the Event Posting business, not the “Lets-charge-percentages-and-start-with-a-low-percentage-of-sales-and-increase-it-as-people-use-us-more” business.  Your event, your tickets, your cash.  Just an annual amount is all we ask.

Q: So I have unlimited posts of whatever I like?

A:  Well, Yes and No.
YES:  As long as your event post is a Bourbon event, or Bourbon related, you’re golden!  To help clarify, the word “Bourbon”, or a Bourbon brand, should be in the title of the event.
Example: 3 course meal served with Bourbon; Bourbon tastings; Whiskey and Bourbon Extravaganza; Chocolate party with Bourbon-Brand samples; Dental Industry Tradeshow on the Effects of Bourbon on the Enamel with Samples — all golden!
NO:  If Bourbon will not be present at your event, please don’t post it here.  If you’re having a “Whiskey Roundup” and only Irish Whiskey and Scotch will be there, please don’t post it here.  Though Bourbon is a “type” of Whiskey, if Bourbon is not, or will not be present, please don’t post it here.
Example:  A Tribute to Aged Scotch (nope); Casked Wine Tastings (nope); Bourbon barrel Rowing Championships with Bourbon T-shirts (nope) — #Fail

Q: "I disagree with that. It’s my money, why can’t I?"

A:  We thank you for visiting but please place your money and event elsewhere.  We are not the right fit for each other.  Repeat offenders will have their events deleted and accounts removed without a refund.

This is, not the


Q: So, this is just a Bourbon event posting platform?

A:  For now it is.
But we’d love to develop and grow it with you over time.  As more establishments, promoters, event/party planners, and bachelorettes/bachelors use it, it may become so much more!  To whatever happens in the future, we’re excited to take that journey with you!  😀

If you’re in agreement, shall we get started?


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