Bourbon Vs Whiskey is Like…

Bourbon vs Whiskey Clarification

One of the age-old statements/inquiries asked among new participants of Bourbon consumption, versus Bourbon enthusiasts, is the Bourbon vs Whiskey ideology (and the variations of the thought).

Many people have argued this “idea” back and forth—some to no avail and others achieving enlightenment. Yet as Bourbon continues to grow in the minds of those with a newly-found interest in America’s (nationally recognized since 1964) Spirit, we set out to help the NEW Bourbon explorers.

Instead of a long, tedious post recalling facts, history and regional-based arguments, here’s a way that should paint the picture simply.

Bourbon vs Whiskey is Like
  1. Oaks vs Trees
  2. Rain vs Water
  3. Red vs Colors
  4. Poodles vs Dogs
  5. Merlot vs Wine
  6. Teddy vs Lingerie
  7. Ultra-violet vs Light
  8. Apple vs Fruit
  9. Ted vs Stuffed Bears
  10. Silver vs Metals
  11. Sourdough vs Bread
  12. Ben & Jerry’s vs Ice Cream
  13. Spinach vs Vegetables
  14. Denim vs Material
  15. Slacks versus Pants
  16. Cheddar vs Cheese
  17. Fruit of the Loom vs Underwear
  18. Heels vs Shoes
  19. Stop-signs vs Traffic Signs
  20. iPhone vs Cell Phones
  21. High-tops vs Sneakers
  22. Bacon, Egg & Cheese vs Breakfast Tacos
  23. Almonds vs Nuts
  24. Cake vs Desserts
  25. Cars vs Vehicles
  26. V-Necks vs T-Shirts
  27. Ariel vs Mermaids
  28. Times New Roman vs Fonts
  29. Looney Tunes vs Cartoons
  30. Harry Potter vs Wizards
  31. Stouts vs Beer
  32. Pico vs Salsa
  33. Spork vs Eating Utensils
  34. Meat Lovers vs Pizza Toppings
  35. Dubstep vs Music
  36. Bane vs Villains
  37. Dr. Strange vs Marvel Heroes
  38. Denzel Washington vs Actors
  39. Happy vs Emotions
  40. Sight vs Senses
  41. Super Bowl Commercials vs Advertising
  42. Basketball player vs Athletes
  43. NEAT glass vs Glassware
  44. The Moon vs Celestial Bodies
  45. Cake batter vs Baking Ingredients
  46. Refrigerators vs Appliances
  47. Green Tea vs Hot Teas
  48. Smoked Brisket vs BBQ
  49. Unleaded vs Gasoline
  50. American vs Food
  51. Productivity Apps versus Mobile Apps
  52. Calculus vs Mathematics
  53. Do the Right Thing vs Philosophy
  54. Cold Calls vs Prospecting
  55. Humans vs Beings (hmmm..)

There isn’t a Bourbon vs Whiskey argument.  Bourbon, is Whiskey made in America.  It’s just a(nother) type of Whiskey.


- from the event site for everything bourbon -

4 thoughts on “Bourbon Vs Whiskey is Like…

    1. Hmmm.. Seeing “square vs. rectangle” as “Bourbon vs. Scotch”; two distinct variations of a bigger whole. Perhaps “square vs. shapes”? 😉

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