About Us


We’re not that special, just focused and specific (which can be great in itself).  We’re you.

We work hard, love our family & close friends, and live Life as it comes—just like you.

But sometimes, we enjoy taking a break from the demands of the world around us to catch up with friends, experience new nuances around us while sipping on Bourbon.

We’re here to help you do the same—just like we would.



You’ve partied hard, frequently and/or frivolously before but are now becoming more stringent with your liver’s capability.  You may not drink Bourbon all the time but enough to have 1 or 2 favorite brands.  Becoming a connoisseur isn’t a priority for you, but would enjoy the personal feeling of being able to participate in Bourbon-related conversations.

You’ve left the “rum and coke” days behind and now order more substantial drinks and spirits.  You have a go-to drink, whether it’s a cocktail or straight up, regardless of the type, area, or demographic attracted to the establishment you’re visiting.

You don’t “shoot” Bourbon, because you know you you have other spirit-type choices for that. All in all, you enjoy the flavor, warmth and/or pairing choices of Bourbon.

You’re curious to learn if you’ll have to conquer the “bite” of the first sip or after it’s fully consumed—if it has one at all.  You savor every globule of deliciousness until the emergence of the glass’ bottom forces you to die a little inside. And with a near automatic reaction, responsibly of course, you order one more round at your favorite bar to rebirth the joy and satisfaction you initially felt, once again.

And with that—your journey in Life with Bourbon continues..


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